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Emma Adams Counselling

07920 854839

Working face to face both with individual adults and couples, from a discreet room on the edge of Epping


BA (Hons), MBACP, Dip. Therapeutic Counselling

(Within 20 mins drive from Harlow, Loughton, Buckhurst Hill, Ongar, Waltham Abbey, Chigwell) 

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About Me

I am a fully qualified counsellor, with a BA (Hons) Degree and a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling.  I work with both individual adult clients and also with couples, where I offer relationship counselling. 

I am a Registered Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), meaning that I adhere to the BACP Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions.  This guides my counselling work, ensuring that I operate safely and ethically.  I am fully insured. 

My approach is relational and integrative, meaning that I can integrate a number of methods and techniques to offer the right support for each individual or couple.  I am able to work with both the 'here and now' but also more deeply,  looking at unconscious processes and how the past may shape the present. 

MBACP registered number 383065

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Why come to counselling?

Counselling is a type of talking therapy which offers confidential support in a warm and non-judgemental way. 

You may be coming to counselling because you are in crisis, unable to see a way through a situation or feeling lost or alone. 

You may be struggling within a difficult relationship, with a partner, a work colleague or a family member. 

You might be seeking the 'right' answer around difficult life decisions when it feels that making a decision seems impossible. 

It may have taken many years to find the courage to seek help for issues which run deep, perhaps stemming from difficult, early experiences in childhood or from trauma.

Perhaps you are looking for very specific tools and techniques to manage and cope with anxieties or stresses.

Whatever is causing you to reach out at this time, I offer an accepting, empowering and encouraging environment as I assist you to find ways to move forward. 

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Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling, sometimes known as couples counselling or marriage guidance, can help people work through the difficulties and problems that affect many relationships.  People usually come to counselling when they feel their relationship is in some sort of trouble or crisis.  Emotions might range from anger, resentment and bitterness to shame, sadness or humiliation.  Some people seek support in the early stages of their relationship and others after many years.  It is not uncommon for individuals to come alone at first or to have a partner who is reluctant to attend.  I encourage an initial meeting where we can identify what might be happening and work out how to broach the idea of attendance with the other partner.

Relationships can face a number of challenges.  These might be overt, such as an affair, betrayal or some sort of domestic abuse.  Other challenges may be more subtle, yet just as problematic, such as communication difficulties, a lack of physical intimacy or disagreements over money or children.   Some couples will attend wanting to save or repair their relationship, others may be seeking clarity about whether they wish the relationship to continue.  In some cases, the relationship may be ending but partners wish to work out a separation in a safe, non-judgemental environment.

Having trained and worked with Relate, I can support individuals and couples by helping partners understand what has happened within their relationship, what patterns have been playing out, what's causing frustrations or conflict  and what might need to change.  Rather than assigning blame or highlighting what each partner is doing wrong, we seek to understand how individuals relate to each other, and how they can relate more successfully.


Specific issues that arise within relationships:

Communication difficulties / not understanding each other

Family difficulties

Commitment issues

Differing priorities

Infidelity and extra-marital affairs

Intimacy difficulties – both emotional and physical


Grief or loss

Domestic abuse


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Prices and Process

Once you make the decision to seek support, you can reach me by telephone or email: 

07920 854839

We will have an initial conversation about what brings you to counselling and if we decide to meet, our first session will be an opportunity for us to see if we feel we can work together.

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I offer weekly sessions of face to face counselling.  Each session is 50 minutes long. 

Some individuals and couples have just a few sessions, others choose longer term support.

Individual - £55 per session. 

Relationship Counselling - £75 per session.

I offer a limited number of discounted sessions for students and those on low incomes. 

Payment is due by the time of session, and can be made in cash or by bank transfer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long do sessions last?

Sessions are scheduled for 50 minutes.

How many sessions will I have?

Every individual and couple are different.  I have worked with some individuals for many months and others for just a few weeks.  I usually recommend committing to a minimum of 6 sessions, when we can then review the work before deciding if more sessions are required.

What happens in a first session?

I will ask quite a few questions to understand the problem.  You will have a chance to ask me any questions you may have about the process.  I will take some personal details, explain confidentiality and we will have the opportunity to see if we feel we can work together. 

What are your fees?

Individual 50 minute sessions are £55. 

Relationship Counselling 50 minute sessions are £75. 

For students and those on lower incomes, I offer reduced rate sessions of £45.

How do I pay?

Payment is due by time of session.  You can pay in cash or by bank transfer.

What if I miss or cancel a session?

Missed sessions or those cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are fully chargeable.  A fee applies for all sessions that we have agreed to have. There is no charge for sessions cancelled prior to the 24 hour deadline as long as we are able to rearrange the session for the same week.  I hold the same time and day for you each week, so this is your space that I do not offer to anyone else. 

Registered Member MBACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy).  Membership Number 383065.

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Contact Me

Epping, Essex 

(Zoom or Face to Face counselling in my therapy room on the edge of Epping, Essex)

07920 854 839

Thank you for your enquiry. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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